Corporate social responsability

SWI being in the timber industry since 1935 values the natural renewable resource it works with for its existence, its social and biological environment we work in, and for the future our children will live in. Therefore, implementing a policy of responsible production, purchase and sales, and checks on the actual conditions of production of goods purchased, is a fundamental element in the strategy of SWI.

For decades SWI has been implementing policies that enable producing communities to flourish that creates an a sustainable platform for those societies and the environmental asset they guard.

From investments into more value added in forestrich areas, to lowest impact logging techniques, SWI has been involved in its over 80 years of history. More recently with the advent of legislation, SWI has investied into the verification of supply chains, in order to make sure that what we stand for is achieved.

This entails biological and environmental controls, as well as verification of the social and governmental abidance of the supply chain.

Multiple audits by bluechip companies have been carried out on premises of SWI and its suppliers, with positive results on all of them.

In further development SWI would achieved its own third party verification with SMETA (SGS) & ICS (Intertec).