Wood is ECOLOGICALLY the most sustainable construction materials. It is recycled in a natural way, and the energy required to manufacture products with them is a fraction of the energy needed to make the same from other materials (plastics, metal, concrete). The best way ecological constructive and decorative products can be made, is by making them out of wood. In addition, the product should be, as much as possible, close to the source in order to be made by Western standards and norms.  In the past 40 years we have established, several strategic places in the world  making sure that there is minimal waste transported. In the past two decades, this has resulted in offices in several countries and led to build a plant in China 17 years ago and one in the Ukraine 12 years ago.

Moreover, since 1996, we have the most important certificates regarding sustainable forest management. It is, after all, the attention to this aspect that can ensure the increase of the importance of timber in the future.

We are actively involved in certification processes in various woods as a participant or as a contributor.  We support sustainable forest management by trading timber on a fair price basis. It should enable populations of countries with large forests reserves to derive a sustainable economic development with the continued existence of the forests. It has been known that if countries do not receive a fair income from their forest resources that forests will be replaced by plantations, agriculture and other land uses. Additionally, one of our major policy is to buy as much finished products in the country of origin as possible, leaving the added economic value to the forest owners.

The aim is to continue to develop trade with companies that have a long term view on their business and therefore adopt responsible practices with regard to forest reserves and sound development of local communities. We, therefore, urge our suppliers to watch out for illegally and irresponsibly obtained timber as set out by local government regulations.

As an importer of wood we believe that we can contribute to the global desire for forest conservation.